Yummy Vegan Energy Bars to renew your meal

Do not adjust your monitors, you are on the right food blog. That’s right, this post is vegan. The blog that is home of the candy bar cheesecake has gone vegan and healthy. Well, for one post at least. You see, I have been feeling kind of uninspired in the kitchen lately. Sure, there are so many things I want to make but then that’s it. I look at the recipe, I bake it, I eat it, I photograph it, I eat it, I blog about it while eating it, then that’s it (well, then we finish eating it).

I think what I have been missing is the feeling of being challenged. Where you go in the kitchen and rather than easily go through the motions, you read the recipe instructions and say ‘Wait, this actually works?’ or ‘What in the world am I cooking?’ And if there is one thing I know absolutly nothing about, it’s vegan baking.

The bars were a major success, though I can’t take full credit. I was recently sent some Stevia products to try from NuNaturals. Along with the products were many recipes, and one was for Vegan Energy Bars (that ThankYouandPeas created). They sounded great and with all the walks I have been going on lately, I would love a little snack to have before hand rather than those boring rice cakes I have been eating. Also, the ingredient list wasn’t intimidating as some vegan baking recipes can have.

This is the Stevia baking blend used in the recipe. I am looking forward to learning how to bake with stevia and becoming more comfortable. Here are a  few ingredients I used in the bars.

I figured Earth Balance Almond Butter has to be better for me than Jiff. Right? Besides the fact that you have to stir the peanut butter up before using (that drives me nuts with natural nut butters), it tastes great.

This is the milled flax seed I use from Pizzey’s Premium. I have a huge bag that is going to last me a while. I love adding it to smoothies and sneaking into baked goods.

Cinnamon matters. I don’t think cinnamon is an ingredient you want to go cheap on (considering the better quality cinnamon isn’t that much more in price.) I use Red Ape cinnamon which I was sent last month. I just love the smell, the taste, everything about it.

Vegan Energy Bars

Energy bars contain cereals, grains, micronutrients, flavorings, and other ingredients to provide quick food energy. Many also contain added protein, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, and other nutrients, though these bars are not functional foods. However, they may contain one or more of the following: a low-calorie source of sugar and fat, and a high-protein content. While some people choose energy bar as their only food option, others choose them for their health benefits.
Prep Time 15 mins
Cook Time 15 mins
Total Time 30 mins
Course Side Dish, Snack
Cuisine American
Servings 4 serves
Calories 152 kcal


  • Preheat oven to 375 degrees
  • Combine flax seeds and water, then set aside.
  • Combine all dry ingredients in a mixing bowl, then stir in raisins and carob chips.
  • In a separate bowl, combine syrup, Stevia baking blend and nut butter. Mix until smooth.
  • Combine nut butter mixture with flax seed/water mixture and stir.
  • Add wet to dry ingredients and mix well. The mixture will be dry, but keep stirring.
  • Press mixture into a pan sprayed 8×8 baking pan. Bake for 15 minutes.
  • Allow pan to cool slightly before cutting into bars.



The energy bars will be great for my school week and study sessions. Yep, I started school! I am officially a photography major. That sounds so fancy. Having been to all 4 of my classes just once now, my head is spinning with information and I realize I have SO MUCH to learn. And I am excited to learn it all. When I was in culinary school (which happens to be on the same campus) we were assigned a lot of work that I found silly. I mean how are you going to learn how to cook while writing papers and essays? But the homework thus far has been neat. Photoshop assignments, photography assignments, and a few essays.
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Tips and Tricks

Vegan Date and Super Seed Energy Bars: Snack Deliciously - Organic Authority

To make sure that energy bars are healthy, it’s important to read the ingredients label. The first ingredient is the amount of honey, while the second is the amount of nut butter. The honey and nut butter mixture should be microwaved for two to three minutes. Once the mixture is ready, pour the mixture over the cereal bar mix and press down until it is set. Then allow the mixture to cool to room temperature before eating.

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A good energy bar should contain whole foods, rather than processed sugars. When purchasing an energy bar, make sure the ingredient list contains natural, whole-food ingredients, such as nuts and dried fruit. These will help keep you satisfied for longer. This may seem like a minor concern, but it’s essential for your overall health. If you’re not sure whether or not a bar is healthy, it’s best to avoid it.

Texture is another important factor in energy bar taste and tolerability during endurance activities. Smooth-textured foods are easier to eat and wash down with water. Hard, grainy bars tend to stick to your teeth and are not as popular. When testing energy bars, we looked for a product with “real” food texture, one that doesn’t feel like a food. The best tasting bars were nutty, dry, and spongy.

While they may seem like the ideal snack for athletes, the texture of these energy bars is a crucial factor for their effectiveness. While most energy bars don’t offer sustained energy, they may not provide the full spectrum of nutrients you need to stay focused and energized. That’s why they shouldn’t replace a real meal. If you’re looking for a quick boost, try eating whole foods, which contain the most beneficial nutrients.

An energy bar’s texture can affect its tolerability during endurance activities. Smoother textures are easier to chew and wash down with water. Those with a coarse texture can get stuck in your teeth. It’s best to choose bars that are low-fat. A high-calorie bar is not healthy, but it can still give you the energy you need to continue your physical activity. A high-calorie energy bar has a high-fat content.

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3-Ingredient Energy Bars [Vegan, Gluten-Free] - One Green Planet

While energy bars are marketed as healthy snack options, they’re not the same as protein bars. They are made specifically for athletes and contain a lot of carbohydrates, making them a more effective source of fuel during endurance activities. If you’re a fan of whole foods, energy bars are also more likely to keep you feeling full longer. If you’re a serious athlete, an energy bar can help you stay on your game-winning streak.

Unlike other types of snack foods, energy bars aren’t always suitable for every activity. While they’re great for pre-workout snacks, they’re not always the best option for people who don’t regularly eat snacks. Most people don’t eat energy bars at the proper time. So, it’s best to choose a snack that matches your activity. You’ll never regret it. So, choose an energy bar that meets your needs and gives you the energy you need.

Aside from the macronutrients, energy bars also contain a lot of carbohydrates. This is not a bad thing if you’re looking for a snack, but it’s important to consider its texture. Some energy bars are more appealing than others, so choose the ones that suit your taste. And remember that whole foods are better for you than processed ones. The only way to make a healthy energy bar is to eat them regularly.

Many energy bars have high caloric content and are convenient to carry with you. They are packed with carbohydrates and are easy to prepare. The calories in these bars can provide your body with a steady supply of fuel and help you stay healthy during your workouts. You can also choose the ones that are rich in proteins and fiber. In addition to protein, energy bars should also contain fiber. These are important to maintain your health and keep you satisfied for longer.