Easy-to-make Tie Dye Cupcakes with White Chocolate Frosting

Every Saturday I have to bake a little something and bring it by the leasing office. I enjoy this since it gives me a chance to bake cupcakes and other sweets which I normally don’t like to keep around the apartment. I made a white cake batter to be used in regular sized Tye-Dye cupcakes. Tye-Dye cupcakes totally beat buying a boxed ‘rainbow chip’ cake mix. The colors are pretty as you can see (click on the picture for a larger image), and each cupcake looks different

Go ahead and invest in a pack of food coloring gel, they last for a long time! I had left over Ghirardelli white chocolate that I used to make a white chocolate frosting. I put a monster amount of frosting on each cupcake, but so does Sprinkles Cupcakes and they always have a line out the door.

Tie Dye Cupcakes with White Chocolate Frosting

Try making Tie Dye Cupcakes to celebrate your next party or special occasion. They will be the talk of the event. These cute cupcakes are a perfect addition to any table. You can make them using food coloring or a mix of both. To get the tie dye effect, you can use a disposable pastry bag with the colored food coloring. If you don't want to use a disposable pastry bag, you can also use ziploc bags to create the tie dye effect. To create the look, simply drag a skewer through the batter in a swirling motion. Don't overmix the colors.
Prep Time 15 mins
Cook Time 15 mins
Total Time 30 mins
Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Servings 4 servings
Calories 135 kcal


White Cake Batter (homemade or boxed)

  • At least 5 colored food gels I used pink, purple, red, blue, dark green, neon green and yellow Divide the cake batter into 5 bowls or however many colors you have and color the batter until it is the desired color. Grease cupcake wrappers and add a bit of each batter. I like to make each cupcake different looking by starting and ending each one with different colors. Use a skewer or toothpick and swirl each cupcake only once. You don’t want to mix the colors. Bake your cupcakes like you normally would and let cool.
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Ghirardelli White Chocolate Frosting

  • 4 1/2 oz Ghirardelli white chocolate chopped
  • 1 3/4 cup powdered sugar
  • 1/4 cup milk
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 6 Tbl butter softened
  • pinch of salt


  • Melt the white chocolate in a double broiler and stir until smooth. Set aside.
  • Sift the powdered sugar in mixing bowl and beat all other ingredients until smooth. Add white chocolate and beat until smooth. Add cream or powdered sugar to adjust the consistency if you need to. Chill for 30 minutes before using.



I will make these again for sure. You could use lighter pastel colors for Easter with a coconut frosting. Or maybe some red,white and blue ones for Memorial Day. The possibilities are endless.
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Tie Dye Cupcakes

White Chocolate Cupcakes - Also The Crumbs Please

Tie-Dyed Unicorn Cupcakes with Buttercream Frosting

Make your kids’ birthday party a little more magical by making tie-dyed unicorn cupcakes! These cupcakes are easy to make and come with a delicious buttercream frosting. If you’re allergic to gluten, you can use a gluten-free flour to make your frosting. Just make sure to follow the recipe’s gluten-free flour-to-butter ratio.

Prepare the frosting by creaming the butter and adding food coloring to each bowl. Divide it into three portions and use the three small piping bags to pipe the frosting onto the cupcakes. Attach a tri-piping tip to the small piping bags and pipe the frosting onto each cupcake. Sprinkle with edible glitter and serve! Tie-Dyed Unicorn Cupcakes with Buttercream Frosting

To make the rainbow/tie dye look, start by coloring the buttercream. Add some food coloring and stir. Once the frosting is evenly colored, spoon heaping spoonfuls of each color into piping bags. After adding the colored frosting to the cupcakes, decorate them with edible glitter. Make sure to keep a bucket of food coloring on hand as you work. You can even dye the frosting in different colors to make your unicorn cupcakes even more unique.

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Tie-Dyed Vanilla Cupcakes

White Chocolate Cupcakes! - Jane's Patisserie

This sulfate-free conditioner from Native uses 10 thoughtful ingredients to hydrate and nourish thirsty locks. You can finally say goodbye to dry, brittle hair. Whether you’re a girl who’s always on the go or someone who loves the smell of a good vanilla cupcake, Tie-Dyed Vanilla Cupcake will give you a delicious, healthy shine. And it’s not just your locks that will get a sweet treat.

To start, prepare your ingredients. Make sure that all ingredients are at room temperature. For the frosting, use a piping bag fitted with a #12 round tip. Push the frosting on the different sides of the piping bag. You can then swirl the frosting using an offset spatula. Make sure that the frosting doesn’t get too thin, or it may develop gluten and become heavy. You can even buy a tie-dyed vanilla cupcake kit.

Tie-Dyed Cupcakes

Tie-Dye Cupcakes | e2 bakes brooklyn

If you’re looking for a unique summer dessert, try making tie-dyed cupcakes! They’re the perfect way to add a pop of color to a summer party. The trend is so hot right now that even Starbucks has a tie-dyed frappuccino. And what better way to celebrate a birthday than with tie-dyed cupcakes? Make them for your next summer birthday party or backyard barbecue.

First, make sure you have the correct piping bag. To create the perfect tie-dyed cupcakes, you will need a piping bag or a Ziploc bag with a 6 star tip. Next, place spoonfuls of frosting side by side on your tie-dyed cupcake. Then, pipe the frosting in a clockwise motion, starting from the outer edge and working toward the center to make a peak at the top.

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Tie-Dyed Cupcakes recipe

White Chocolate Cupcakes! - Jane's Patisserie

If you want to give your guests a colorful treat at your next party, consider making your own Tie-Dyed Cupcakes. These delicious little treats are perfect for any birthday party, theme party, or backyard get-together. The best way to make tie-dyed cupcakes is to start with a white cake mix. Once it’s mixed together, add in a few drops of food coloring. Mix the batter until it resembles the desired shade, then carefully pour the batter into the cupcake liners. Repeat the process until you’ve used all of the batter. Bake the tie-dyed cupcakes for 18 to 21 minutes or until they’ve reached your desired color.

If you don’t have enough cake mix to make the entire batch, you can combine two or more different colors and use the leftover mix to create different colored cupcakes. Then, mix the blue and red cake mix together to make purple cupcake liners. Next, use a toothpick to swirl the colors together on top of the cupcakes. This is a good tip if you don’t want your cupcakes to have a frosting. The toothpick should come out clean.